In the year 2144, the human race had found itself near the point
of extinction. Wars, famine, climate change, the near depletion of all
natural resources, you name it. Humans have a knack for self
destruction. After years of failed attempts, a technological
breakthrough had finally been achieved, allowing humans to transfer
their consciousness into Cores, synthetic bodies designed to replace
their human counterparts. With time running out, this proved to be the
only option for humanity’s survival. Those fortunate enough to be put in
cryogenic sleep until this breakthrough remained the only survivors to
receive the “Transfer”. Thanks to this, the human race survived and even
thrived. Hurray! Let’s hope they don’t screw things up again.

Fast forward 200 years later, through this next step in human
evolution, the definition of being human has since been revised. Human
flesh and bones have been replaced by mechanical parts with infinite
makes and models to choose from. Hence, a bustling market economy where
one can buy parts to upgrade or repair remains the beating heart of this
ecosystem. But in this unforgiving new world, it costs a pretty penny
just to stay linked to your core. Hustle in order to survive and often
doing dirty jobs is what gets you paid. Eat or be eaten as the saying
goes. Do the job, get paid, upgrade your parts, rinse and repeat.
Welcome to the AFTRMRKT!